Social Media & Internet Marketing

Imagine a world in which you could reach out to millions of potential and existing customers across the globe, begin and maintain conversations, and update folks on your latest and greatest discoveries for dollars a day.

Well, welcome world!

In 2011, Facebook clocked 500 million users, half of which used the social media site every day. Twitter, famed for it's "say it in 140 characters or less" model, is home to about 140 million daily tweets, with approximately 500 thousand new folks signing up each day. This is not to mention the 3 billion hours spent on YouTube every month or the 161 million folks on linked in.

Social media is no joke; the marketing potential is enormous. Are you tapped in?

Many companies today just don't know how to go about launching and maintaining a social media campaign; many business owners are just too busy running their businesses to mess with new marketing strategies. This is where we come in. Our services include:

  • Creation of unique brand identities across social media sites

  • Development of social media marketing strategies

  • Management and maintainance of social media marketing campaigns

Our services are worry free. If you don't want to putter around with a social media marketing campaign, we can do it for you. See what we offer, or call us to discuss your needs.