Project Management

Businesses today, big and small, need a strong internet presence to succeed in this increasingly competitive market. Aspirations aside, developing a unique and active internet identity, marketing that identity, reaching out to and maintaining customers, optimizing a site, and launching a robust internet and social media marketing campaign is no small task. That's project management for you. The know-how alone is generally hard won but the benefits are potentially astronomical. 

Think a happy thought. This is where we come in.

Imagine someone else, someone who really knows the skinny, doing the work for you. Well, this is our specialty. At dGrilli Corp, our designers, developers, branders, writers, editors, and marketers constitute a top-notch project management team. Whether you are looking for someone to develop, launch, and manage your web project for you, take over an existing project, or simply consult with you about your best business measures, we're your best and brightest.

We work with small and large businesses across industries, creating and managing well-oiled (growing) projects. And while we are friendly folk, we're also honest to the gills. You may not always love what we have to say but you can be sure that we know what we're talking about. We ALWAYS keep the best interests of clients in mind, and our approach is guaranteed to be both cutting edge and creative.  Step outside of the box and stand out.