Content and Editorial Services

Hey, it's important to say the right thing and say it well. Most folks have a notion of how they might like to go about presenting their business (on-site, in blogs, within SMM venues), but actually knowing how to massage that crafty prose into something really catchy, smart, and industry-approprite is a different animal altogether.

This is where we come in. Our writers represent the cream of the crop. These lads and ladies are what one might call "nerds of nuance". Not to dive too deep into the nitty gritty here, but language, tone, word choice, key-word choice and optimization, structure, and all the other little aspects of well-crafted writing-for-the-web are actually pretty important, and necessary to the success of businesses in this wildly prolific information-era. If you are going to say it, it is imperative that you say it well.

Of course, it may be that you already have something in mind. I once met with a client who slapped a two inch stack of hand-written notes on my desk and said, "can you do something with this?" Well sure, why not. Editorial is not to be under-rated.

Bottom line? Whether you need someone to create static content from scratch, become the voice of your blog, or simply perfect the work you've already begun, we've got you covered. Services include:

  • One-time copywriting

  • Ongoing copywriting

  • One-time editorial

  • Ongoing editorial

  • Content management across platforms

  • Editorial team management

  • Content consulting

We do love what we do. heart